We follow every stage of the production and distribution process, with the aim of always maintaining high quality standards and guaranteeing service in line with customer expectations. Quality Made in Italy, heart and passion: for this reason we have chosen thousands of customers all over the world. We are men and dads, and for more than thirty years, through azeta bio, we take care of the moms we have chosen and of their children.

We firmly believe in our products. We have studied them thoroughly to get the best.

We can provide consulting for the development of custom solutions and products. Over the years, we have launched strategic partnerships with research institutes, companies and consortia that enable us to quickly respond to market demands and changes.

Our products are made with selected raw materials and active ingredients.
Our industrial processes are at the forefront and allow us to ensure the customer’s punctuality and high quality standards


Founder and Sales Agent.

The best smile and the warmest calm.
Will it be always surrounded by women?
Listen to understand before you answer.

Sales man and partner
He loves cycling,
Romagna DOC and lover of the right things.
More and more hair style


Founder and Sales Agent
Drunken drummer, always in conflict with the network connection, great master of Hong Kong.
All in all, starting with the smile.

Logistics and direct sales